Hi, my name is…

… Jamie, and here is yet another attempt to establish some sort of cyber-relationship with you invisible creatures out there.

I’ve never been good at keeping blogs. But, then again, I’ve never been good at saying ‘no’ to dessert, either. I always get swept up in the initial excitement of blogging after browsing through some successfully designed and written site owned by someone actually funny. Then around my 10th post, I’d get bored of telling people about myself and my “web-baby” will resign to the dusty pile of useless internet nothings (I’m going to be such a great mum).

Then again, I suppose this is more for me than it is for you. You have no obligation to read my ramblings on my latest greatest Paleo creation word for word. Or pay any mind to my whines and wants of traveling to another exotic land. But, should you find yourself sitting around on a Sunday afternoon, scratching your butt trying to think of something to do, then by all means, join me in this pity party.

It’s not always a pity party.

I have a few major topics of discussion that I will now list out because I like lists and making lists:

1) Art stuff

2) CrossFit & all things fitness

3) FOOD – Paleo or not Paleo college cooking

4) My nomadic lifestyle of travel.

They’ll probably come up in no particular order because I’m a little kooky like that. Yeah.

So. First post! Done.


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