Let’s talk about…


So ever since starting CrossFit, I’ve been stepping in and out of Paleo like I step in and out of the shower. Or bathroom. Or when I’m doing the hokey pokey. You get what I mean. It’s not something I ever thought of as a “lifestyle change” because it just seemed too drastic for me. I don’t think I could end my relationship with pastries and baked goods. No, that’s asking too much.

 For those of you who are going, “Paleo? Sounds like a type of spandex. Or something.”, here comes the low down. Paleo(lithic) diet is essentially a nutritional program that resets our food intake to that of our ancestors. We’re talking lean meats, fresh fruits and veggies, good ol’ nuts and that’s it. The list of things you CAN’T put into your mouth constitutes all other things thought to be crazy delicious and a staple (like donuts). It also means a “cleaner” way of eating non-processed, low sodium/fat/carbs/sugar, gluten-free stuff. 

Is that a good explanation, Adam Lambert? I think so.

Why on earth would anyone want to cut out a double mushroom swiss cheeseburger for quinoa and kale salads, I don’t know. Actually, I do know.

BECAUSE IT’S GOOD FOR YOU. And a double mushroom swiss cheeseburger is not going to help you run 2 miles and deadlift 180lbs in a WOD. Or maybe it is. Thoughts, Usain Bolt?

 Anyway. It’s hard eating clean when you’re in college and surrounded by grubby little art kids who live off of fries and the free ice cream Fridays the cafeteria serves. But, then you google “Paleo treats” and find all sorts of amazing recipes by other CrossFit bloggers (Juli B from Paleomg, Vanessa from Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind, etc.) and you breathe a sigh of relief because there are others out there who are trying to make it work, just like you. So thanks, guys, for making my determination to feel good in some skinny jeans stronger than ever.

 I guess we should talk about the stated topic now – crockpots.

 Sounds like crackpots. In Asia, we call them “slow-cookers”, which is equally as derogative, if you think about it. I’m just being weird. I love to cook (or pretend that I’m doing it), but have always stuck with the good ol’ frying pan to get things done. Everything tastes good with the frying pan. Then I saw one of the coaches eating a bag of pulled pork before Wednesday’s WOD, and I was sold. You can’t make shit like that in a frying pan. A trip to Walmart it is. 




So after much deliberation and a lot of time spent debating with myself in the Home Appliances section (seriously, people were looking), I bought me a crockpotty. And look at that baby work! Sprout’s generous rump roast kickin’ it in some fancy-looking vegetable broth/stew thing. But honestly, guys. Hurry the hell up. 8 hours is a long time to look at that roast, waiting for it to be in your mouth. 


So I ate these Fudgy Chunky Monkey cookies instead. 



If not for their Paleo-ness, I would pretty much have put on those 3kilos I recently worked so hard to lose. cannot stop eating these.

I looked at the three blackened, flaccid bananas (oh, stop you) and decided it was time for greatness. Largely inspired by this recipe on FastPaleo, I modified a few things for an extra kick, like adding allspice and cinnamon, and some shredded dark chocolate. To. Die. For.

So that’s it for now. Apparently, I don’t want to show any sort of responsibility towards school anymore and shall now continue to blog about food instead of doing homework. Sounds like a plan.



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