Who are you and why are we friends again?


Sometimes, people resist change. So when someone told me that Friendster was out and Facebook was in, I got a little pissy. I had just learnt how to deck my profile out – why would I want to conform to a default layout? No, no. No.

Eventually, I gave in (as does everyone after a while, *missAudreySternberg*) and it became a great exchange between me and my friends all over the world. Stupid fools. Why can’t you guys just follow me wherever I go? So last night, while Skyping with Nads, we decided to change our profile pictures. Oh the excitement! I got 4 ‘likes’ within seconds. I soon realised that half the people who saw this photo, I didn’t even really know/remember. When did I add them? Why did they suddenly appear to be interested in the happenings of my life?

“I have 680 friends on Facebook,” I said to her, “and I only really talk to maybe 50. Not even.”

She appeared to be uninterested.

Off I went, un-friending high school classmates and old “friends”, each time glazing over our brief memories. I’m never going to talk to them ever again, right? Their little thumbnail faces almost seemed to protest as soon as the cursor got too close. What an interesting process of elimination that was. Have you ever gone back on your phone contacts and wonder, “who the hell is Jake McCarthy?”

It was a good farewell to the past and a big step forward. I encourage you to do the same, whoever you are. Also, I can’t believe I shared my 3rd grade class photo. Good lord. Did you notice how much longer my skirt was compared to every other girl’s? Yeah! Talk about having some decency when you’re 8.


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