Hey, kid. You can’t sing. So. Please. Stop.

Hello, sweet weekend ahead of me! How I’ve longed for you since… Monday. Man, does anyone else feel like this week went unbearably slow? I have to really think hard when I try to remember what I did two days ago. Oh right. I taught the most exhausting art class. Ever. It was such a killer, I could barely even eat dinner. Agh. 

How many of you have annoying neighbours? *I do* This kid keeps trying to belt out notes she can’t reach every time she takes her night shower. Shower at night. Night time bath. You get my drift. It’s like a cat that’s been run over by a cow that’s getting stung in the eye by a giant, killer wasp. The pain is excruciating. 

On the brighter side, look at what I just diiiiiid.

ImageI thought, “Hells, screw it. Why wait?” It’s like a very, very expensive birthday present to myself, but entirely worth it. Laguna beach, baby! I’m going to be sipping virgin mimosas out of diamond studded glasses on my golden lawn chair. Like a BOSS. I’MSOEXCITED.

Speaking of birthdays, I’ve only got two months of underaged activity to cram in before it all goes downhill. OR, uphill, if you want to be one of those optimists. It also falls nicely on the Thanksgiving weekend, so that’s 4 days of hardcore madness. What should I do?! I even Googled it and of course, the top recommendations were Vegas and Atlantic City. Hey Google, in case you don’t already know, I’m not actually from Laguna. I’d rather spend my dollah dollah bills on a hibernation stash for the winter. Mmmm, hibernation belly. Super psyched for Christmas, too. Every morning, I make my lunch (yeah, I pack lunches. So what?) to the sweet crooning of Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. I cannot stop thinking of those ridiculous cheesy Christmas sweaters. I want one SO BAD.

Image“Sucks to be you!”

Thanks, Google images. Way to make me totally envious of someone I don’t even know. 

That’s probably the only thing I want from Santa this year. A freaking awesome Christmas sweater. That, and a really lovely CrossFit piece of man candy. I was talking to one of guys today about calluses (my best method of seduction) and the next thing I knew, he was shaving dead skin off my hands. I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing. Instead of cookies and milk, can I leave this for you, Santa?

ImageAlright, enough of this.


2 thoughts on “Hey, kid. You can’t sing. So. Please. Stop.

  1. Thanks, Lukraakvars! I’m excited to get my Level 1 cert so I can start coaching and a weekend at Laguna beach is a perfect getaway! :D You should try a workout some time. :) Maybe you’ll like it!

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