Eye of the Storm

So, apparently we’re in the midst of a tropical storm named after a WOD. Southern California is blustering today, folks, and I’m pretty sure I’ve carried a good amount of dust and dirt into my bed after this morning’s workout. Descending 10 step ladder of hang power clean & jerks and 200m runs, blowing winds and all. The 200m might as well have stretched out to 400m because of resistance. Come on, guys. I know I have naturally small eyes, but even that didn’t work to my advantage, whatsoever. Thanks, Asian heritage. This is me whining – whine, whine, whine.

I had such a productive day today (yay productivity!) and here, I shall tell you about it. After the WOD, I went to get my car checked up. The guy at the desk asked for my keys and told me to take a seat. Of course, this being my first car and all, I didn’t know that this meant he would drive away with it. Panic stricken, I stood by the doorway, forcing myself to believe in the good of mankind for that was all I had to hang onto. Literally. Everything else was stupidly left in the car. Smart move. Lo and behold, he brought it back after what was actually only 10 minutes and said that everything was in order. And, he didn’t even charge me for it. SCORE!

I then drove over to Target in my perfectly fine car to get my first flu shot because I thought it’d be nice to be part of the community of cold prevention paranoids, especially since I’m around people who sweat and spit all over the very same bars and floors that I use. Have you ever seen a CrossFitter stop to sanitize their hands in the box? No. No, you haven’t. And I’ve been feeling this weird tickle/slight soreness in the back of my throat lately, so it was high time to nip this in the bud before the bud came to be. Thanks to college insurance, that was completely free, too, so DOUBLE SCORE. And, I got a cool Target bandaid where she all but stabbed me in the arm.

I also saw my acupuncturist again (bless him) and I complained about my sore wrists from all the overhead lifts I’ve been doing. He obviously didn’t understand where I was coming from because he basically told me to stop lifting and doing WODs 5 times a week and just go jog and splash around in some pool, instead. It was like telling Miley Cyrus to stop being so disgustingly slutty. Yes. I slammed that. I appreciate the concern, oh great needle man, but just stick to making me your human pincushion, okay?

Since today is a ‘curl-up-under-your-blankies-watching-Grey’s-Anatomy’ kind of day, I decided to make a delicious, warm rhubarb & strawberry mint Chai crumble. It’s kind of zesty and summery in terms of the flavours, but will make you and your tummy very happy, nonetheless. It’s actually a pretty darn good pre-hibernation meal. But… I don’t think I’m going to have my beach body ready for tomorrow.



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