Tough Love.

Ugh. It is SO cold up in here. It’s some chilly madness. I don’t know how I’m supposed to get through the day in anything other than a onesie. I want a onesie. My housemates and I want to get each other onesies so we can have a huge pj party on miserable, cold days like this. 

Look at what I had for breakfast!

IMG_8994It’s essentially the same breakfast I had yesterday, but this time with peaches! Bad ass.

I think I tapped out in today’s WOD. I realised I haven’t had a rest day in three straight days of heavy work, so I guess I should slow down. Or maybe not. I could totally feel the tears creeping up as my back seized up on the first set of squat cleans. Not good. I tried my best to hide it from Coach B, who’s probably secretly a dragon. If you’re not on your best form while he’s around, you’d best step out, son. He caught me afterwards, checking to see if there was any crying in his WOD, which I hastily replied NO. Then he proceeded to give me a “tough love” hug. 

What is it with people who go in for an empty hug? You know, when you’re the only one squeezing them and they just stand there, like some hollow egg shell of zero mass. Like they’re afraid to actually touch you in fear of catching some of your crazy, but are too polite to not reciprocate the gesture? Yeah, I only do bear hugs, guys, so if our bodies are making intentional contact, our atoms should be colliding in every way possible. Oh yeah. 

Also, what is everyone going as for Halloween? For someone who’s very artistic, I am incredibly lazy when it comes to making a costume. I just don’t see the point of slaving away on some intricate ensemble only to wear it on the one night when everyone is too drunk to care. Call it being a party pooper. Maybe I’ll just go as a pillow case. Or a zombie Crossfitter. That’s better, right? Ugh. Lame.


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