Are there any bears out there who need a hug?

Remember when I said I was going on an epic camping trip? Well, it’s finally happening. How it’s happening with all the government shutdowns, I don’t know, but it’s definitely happening. This is my first time doing some proper, deep-in-the-woods-of-nowhere, cook-over-a-fire-for-three-days, roughing it, and I’m kind of nervous. 

IMG_9066Did I pack enough?

That’s probably the thing I hate most about traveling. Booking flights? Got it. Finding deals on attractions and planning an itinerary? No problem. Learning how to speak another language? Already done. Making sure you pack everything you need? Not a chance. I make extensive lists, sometimes even twice, and I still get anxiety just thinking of the moment where I’m in a train station in Papua New Guinea and I dip my hand into my backpack to pull out my lip balm only to grasp at nothing. No lip balm? No life. What a nightmare. I guess I could always buy another stick, but I can’t just buy another DSLR camera if I forgot to chuck it into my bag, right? Well, I suppose I could if I had a sugar daddy.

Then, there’s the flip side of freaking out about everything I need, and freaking out about everything I want. Home is wherever you make it, right? So, I of course I want to make my home wherever I go. I’ll bring my whole house, if I have to. Like this guy.


You ask yourself, “Do I really need a six-pack of 120W lightbulbs?”, and I answer, “Buddy, you just might.” And you laugh and ignore me. Well, come time you find out that, in Papa New Guinea, people consider 120W lightbulbs great gifts from abroad and offer you a luxurious hand-and-foot-service in exchange, I assure you that you will hear a very faint “ITOLDYOUSO,YOUDIPWIT in the distance.

I also don’t know how to pack food for three days, when I have nothing to store it in. Uh oh. My homies keep joking about hunting, but I guess it’s time to go full-out Paleo. You gotta follow through in what you believe in, right?

Well, here is my rant, and potential last post, if I somehow end up getting lost collecting wood or something. It can happen. To all my readers out there, keep your fingers crossed this weekend that I come back (probably ravenous, probably hobo-looking) some what alive.



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