What I Did This Weekend


I’m too busy being a lazy bum to really write about it, but here’s what I did this weekend in a nutshell. Or blog post.

IMG_9143KT taped the poop out of my knee

lAte the most delicious NON-PALEO Earl Grey ice cream macaron sandwich

Stayed up Googling CrossFit memes

essayStruggled to write a 1500 word essay I started two weeks ago

IMG_9158Finally allowed myself to buy Kerrygold grass-fed butter (which some people consider Paleo) and made lots of carrots fries, grilled asparagus and tomatoes in a burnt butter and sage sauce

Made Juli Bauer’s garlic aioli (scrumptious)

beyonceWeighed myself and discovered I’m actually 2kgs heavier than a week ago

kalechipsFelt sad and made kale chips and watched reruns of Friends (in particular, the cheesecake episode, which made me even more upset and hungry)

cheesecakebuttDid some mad-at-the-world, craving-Mama’s-Little-Bakery-cheesecake butt clenches

That’s all. That’s it. Thanks for listening.


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