Halloween Hullabaloos

So there’s been a recent epidemic of food poisoning/Noro virus/butt-infected food bacteria in college and people are freaking out. I guess it’d be silly to expect little drama from an arts school. But seriously, people are freaking out. Classes are empty because all those infected are too sick to leave their beds and the non-infected are too afraid. It’s like something out of 28 days later or Contagion or whatever those movies are called. I remember the first and only time I’ve ever gotten food poisoning, and it (to quote a poetic friend of mine) “sucked *ss”, which is probably the very reason I got sick. It was at this local chicken rice shop back in Malaysia (located in the mall, no less) and I remember waking up in a cold sweat later that night, rushing to the bathroom and gorging out everything. I even found my brother playing Playstation and puked all over that. All. over. that.

Never eating chicken rice again.

It’s a good thing we’re eating clean and cooking fresh Paleo food touched only by your own lovely hands. Well, yours and the other farmers’ and delivery boys’ and grocery inventory women and checkout cashier’s. That’s not so bad, right?

Speaking of eating clean, as you maybe don’t already know, I’m working relatively hard to get my body fat percentage to the magic 18%. I’ve finally come to terms with accepting that my weight is not as important a goal as the body fat. Big thunder thighs? I’ll take them! As long as they are all muscle and no jiggle jellos. Paleo is helping some, but I’m sure many of you out there who are dealing with similar issues can praise “Amen” when I say sometimes, I just want a damn Twix bar. Sometimes, I want a ooey, gooey, chewy Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip cookie, which I attempted to make over the weekend and failed. It wasn’t ooey gooey enough! So I ate whatever evidence was left and was done with it. That’s the way to go.


Batch numero uno – Not chewy, ooey or gooey enough. But looks deceivingly so!


Batch numero duo – Little bit chewier but still crumbly. But BOY did they ooze and gooze

As you can tell, I’m not a professional chef, nor am I even close to being an exceptional baker. I’m just a college student who likes to feed my tummy yummy food. I’m working on the recipe as we speak and shall be posting it when I reach ultimate chewy perfection.

Many of my friends who think that Paleo is “such an intense diet they could never adhere to” say they feel sad for me when they watch me order and eat salads without the dressing. To that I say, poppycock! I don’t even like dressing and if not putting it in my body is an added plus, then why the hell not? Have you seen me eat my fudgy chunky monkey cookies? Nothing but a Kodak picture of happiness right there. My point is… if weight loss is the key to our happiness and miserably starving ourselves on crazy low ketogenic diets is the way to obtain it, then is that really what you want? Not to say that ketogenic diets or Paleo are rendered unnecessary – they do work and they are great lifestyle changes if that’s what you want in the long run. But if I train 5 times a week, eat clean 98% of the time and suddenly find myself wanting some soft serve, I refuse to punish myself for it.

Think of it this way – sometimes your body needs a reminder of what “bad food” tastes like. In actual fact, you’re reinforcing that motivation. :D

But like I said, I train 5-6 times a week and eat clean 98% of the time. Don’t cheat meal your way through Paleo!

The big Halloween shebang is throwing down tomorrow and boy, what a night it’s going to be. I’ve already started prepping for it by trying to make infused vodka. Chopping fruits and chucking that in jars is probably the extent of my cocktail-making expertise. But the recipe says 72 hours, so 72 hours I shall wait. 

What’s everyone else going as for Halloween? 


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