The Big Sur Birthday

Again! Totally guilty as charged for committing ultimate blogging sin – not blogging any posts. Ever since the CF Level 1 weekend at Laguna, all things in my life picked up like a whirlwind. My Type A tendencies were put to good use by creating detailed hour-by-hour schedules of every day of my remaining week in Cali. You should have seen it, guys. Captain OCD would have been proud.

I also celebrated my 21st birthday over Thanksgiving break – remember all that hype about taking a solo road trip? CHECK. I drove myself to Big Sur for a three day hiatus out in the woods and boy, was it needed. All the skepticism and pity I got from “friends” about how sad it was going alone were rendered futile. I had an amazing time. Visited Monterey Bay and the famous aquarium (WAY too overpriced if you ask me), treated myself to a much-deserved massage in Carmel and fed myself all too well under the single excuse that my 20-year-old body would soon no longer be as forgiving. What could be sweeter? My lovely hosts even set up the studio I rented with a complimentary bottle of local wine and little ‘Happy Birthday!’ napkins. Cute.




The drive back was a lengthy 7 hours down the 1, but praise the heavens for that view. Big Sur is, as they say, incredibly magical. Believe me when I say it was extremely hard not to steer myself off the cliff edge from the hypnotic blue ocean water. Apparently, that’s how the yellow Power ranger died. I must have also pulled over to “appreciate the beauty of nature” (i.e. stare at the glistening sun light on the rolling waves with my mouth open) at least 10 times. At least.


I ended up stopping by at the Big Sur Bakery to have a last birthday lunch. Now, if you’re a crazed foodie like me, you tend to do your research of the best restaurants, their Yelp ratings and menu options long before your travels. You’ve studied every item and its ingredients on their menu and have probably already chosen what you’re going to order. In fact, you based your destination on the food choices available. So, I had my heart set on this undeniably NON-PALEO duck breast pizza with fresh mozzarella. You would think that they call it their “breakfast pizzas” presumably because their sized for a good morning meal. Uh, you would be wrong. Imagine the look on my face when the waiter presented a whopping 9-inch fresh pizza in front of a single 5’4″ Asian girl (okay, okay, 5’3 3/4″). I could tell that the two Russian men sitting next to me tried very hard to hide their twisted faces of disgusted disapproval from me. So what was I to do?

I ate the whole damn thing, that’s what.

I first split it down the middle, thinking I’d leave the other half for dinner. But then I decided soggy pizza wasn’t worth the calories, so I inhaled the rest like an addict would cocaine. It’s been so long since I’ve had pizza and what better time to bring it back into my life when you don’t have to share with someone else out of common courtesy. I bet you’ve done that before: eating less because you don’t want to look like Jughead. (Yeah, I referenced that.) Anyway, the owner came by my table – the crisp, clean French man that he was – and loomed over the dotted crumbs on the big, empty dish in front of me. All I could say was, “Buddy, if you train six times a week, you’re going to want a whole pizza at some point”. We then got into a brief discussion about Crossfit, which led to him asking me:

“So are you okay with gaining more muscle to look like a man?”

I honestly found myself speechless for a split second. Having muscles doesn’t make you a man – having a penis does! Ah, you ignorant, gender stereotypical, non-fitness population, you. I paid for my meal, picked my doggie bag of PB&Chocolate thumbprint cookies up and left for home.


 Mmm… yes, ladies, you’re look rather “manly” doing that exercise thing.

Anyway. I spent my birthday doing a 7 minute AMRAP burpee challenge for charity, a personalized WOD for myself after (with some of the coaches and members singing Happy Birthday to me) and doing some laundry. No Big Deal. I also made lots and lots of sangria, which I drank in a giant teacup because I could. Thanks for listening!



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