Merry Hoo-Haa Christmas!

Hello strangers!

In the spirit of Christmas, I am writing to you all by my glowing synthetic pine tree, no eggnog or hot chocolate in sight. Remember, Malaysia is a tropical country, so plastic trees and cotton ball snow is the best we’ve got. I bet you guys are having a cosy time over there. Don’t be surprised if you find a gentle knocking on your door tomorrow from yours truly, inviting myself to cuddle by the fire with you. I will come bearing Paleo treats!

It has been such a crazy two weeks at home, I kid you not. My brother has taken on the unfortunate role of being my coach (unfortunate for him, and sometimes me) – we’ve been working on our Olympic lifts twice a day. Of course, it gets tiring and some days are less productive than others. Which is why I made this:

Fun stuff :)

All the training led up to my very first weightlifting competition in Singapore. It was a small meet at a friend’s box, but it was a good one to start with! I did 30kg, 35kg snatches, failing one, and then a 35kg, 46kg, 50kg clean & jerk, though they failed me on the last lift (a PR!!!) for slightly pressing the jerk. Oh well. It’s kind of hilarious because my knees were buckling like a young calf during my warmup with the 35kg snatch. I could even get under it. So I figured, “Well, now I know my new max”. And then I got up to the platform and for some crazy reason, banged that bar well over Jupiter’s moon. I almost dropped it on my head in pure shock and disbelief. As did my brother. Haha!


The results?


(out of three)

But hey. It’s not that bad. I didn’t fail my lifts terribly. You know.

I also made my first gazpacho two nights ago, following Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc recipe for Sun Ripened Tomato Gazpacho. What is this fancy name, you ask? Is it a new type of vegetable? No. It’s cold soup, and it is deeeee-lish. It’s a really refreshing summer appetizer, actually, and I shall post the recipe soon.


So Merry Christmas and have a wonderful Boxing Day eating leftovers!

That’s all.


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