Transit in Tokyo

Don’t you just hate it when you’re stuck in transit because your flight got delayed over some unknown cause? I sure do. It’s probably because the plane ran out of peanuts or moist towelettes because, God forbid one should fly in an aircraft without snacks and wet wipes. Come on, guys.


No peanuts? No hope.

I was waiting in Narita airport for an hour, moseying along the shops and whatnot, eager to get back onto the plane and get to LA. Lo and behold, just as we start to taxi out onto the runway, the plane stops and the captain announces that there are, “some minor details that need clarification”. I kind of thought he just realised he needed an emergency bathroom break. We were stuck waiting for three hours in the motionless deathtrap of a vehicle because it took the crew that long to figure out that it was an engine problem.

You can tell that I love to fly.

So they rendered the plane unable to travel and we were told to evacuate and that all 200 passengers would be brought to a hotel at midnight for the night. All that time I was worried about how on Earth I was going to beat the 4 o’clock after-work traffic and it turns out I didn’t even get to leave at all! This is why I get anxious when I have to travel, folks. This time I was determined to have a smooth, trouble-free trip and of course, the universal Gods of Travel should decide against it. At least we got to stay in a fancy hotel next to Tokyo Disneyland – a one-day pass should be complimentary for us, you know. It’s just common courtesy. And I got to sleep in kimono, albeit heavily drugged with sleeping pills to ease the delirium. And I got to scarf down a huge Japanese buffet which, in case you don’t already know, is the best. At one point (because it’s best that I refrain from stating which number plate this was), I had fresh salmon, a penguin-shaped chocolate, baked french toast and some soybean black sesame biscuit thing all on the same platter. I’m sorry this was clearly far from Paleo but one eats mercilessly when one is stressed, so help one. I also helped myself to their fresh peach and blueberry ice cream despite it being 8am and 11 degrees out. I’ll tell you something: frozen fruit are deceptively disgusting. They look like they are going to be a party in your mouth, but you just end up crunching and wondering, what the heck is happening here? Never again.

Now we’re waiting to be herded back to the airport to further await our new flight departing almost an entire day later than the initial scheduled time. Have you Googled ‘people sleeping in airports’? It’s hilarious!


At least this makes for a good story. Anyone out there have tales of traveling horror they’d like to share? I could use some humbling perspective.



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