One Year Paleo : Day 4

Day 4 and I’ve already kind of broken the sanctity of Paleo with a nibble of chocolate. Gosh darn it, why isn’t this stuff extinct already? Not only that, I went out for lunch at Alcove Bakery the other day and went batshit crazy looking at the display of cakes. 


Mind you, I forced myself to have a steak salad. And sweet potato fries. That’s totally Paleo, right? Totes! I can’t believe I left without even a crumb of cake in my mouth.

I swear. Inside me is just a very hungry fat kid waiting to eat.

disappointmentI suppose watching Masterchef doesn’t really help much. 

Have you guys ever had some good news come your way (potential promotion, project, celebration for your wondrous existence) and have it totally backfire and fall through the moment you breathed a word about it? Ohman that happens ALL the time for me. And now I’m scared to talk about anything. So this will make for an interesting blog. Expect loads of seemingly bad news and maybe some glimmer of good news waaaay after it’s happened. Just kidding.


IMG_0686Also, check out what tomorrow’s WOD is:

30 rounds:
5 wall balls (20/14)
1 power clean (225/135)

time cap: 40 minutes

It’s definitely going to whoop some sense into this half-ass Paleo butt. 


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