Emotional Refurbishment

Ooh, intimidating title. Sounds a lot scarier than Poached Pear Tart. Apologies are at hand. 

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I almost thought I could let March slip by like 2014 has been doing so. The tart-craze continued over the rainy “storm” of a weekend in LA – if we were in Malaysia, this “thunderstorm” would be considered a routine plant watering. Or, incredibly refreshing since we’re going through a drought. It’s funny how many people spell the word ‘drought’ as ‘drout’. Like gout. Drowt. Don’t they see the red squiggly underline indicating that something be janky with yo’ spellin’? Anyway, I did a nasty and decided to step outside of my Paleo pantry and bake something with actual, gluten-filled flour. Again, apologies extended. But in my defense, this is something I’ve been wanting to make for the longest time and actually, the tart shells were Paleo. You know, except for all the stuff that were in them. 

Poached Pear and Rosemary Tart with Paleo Ginger Honey Ice Cream

poachedpeartartSo I guess I shouldn’t put up a recipe if it goes against the grain of my wholesome and healthy blog. Mmmmm, at least not until I find a way to make it Paleo.

Anyway. Emotional refurbishment. So funny story: remember that date I went on near Valentine’s? Yeah, that was a short-lived romance since he basically stopped calling three days after, except to tell me that he “wasn’t in the right place right now”. That’d be pretty believable if he hadn’t asked me out on a second date before the first one had ended. So again, my old Jamie self starting wondering if it was something I had said or done – like maybe almost reducing to hysterics when I saw that dessert display at Crave – that might have sparked that decision. But then, something magical happened and new, emotionally refurbished Jamie stepped in and said, “Screw it. If it was something I did, they wouldn’t have kept trying to kiss me. Most people think they know what they want because that’s what they want in the moment.” Like Mr. Yes/No over here, who thought he wanted a relationship because he was feeling lonely that Sunday. Also, boys just want to get into our panties. 

So. Cognitive reconfiguration leads to emotional refurbishment. That’s what I’ve been spending the week doing, along with choosing to bike everywhere because gas prices are so high and I’ve been eating a lot of tarts.

How was your 14.1?


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