Spring = Cat Fur and Berries

I’m not sure I’m crazy about this transition in weather – one day it’s beautifully sunny with a breeze and the next it’s as cloudy and brooding as Ryan Gosling’s face.

ryan-600x499 copy

It’s also frustrating when you step out and it’s deliciously chilly, so you decide to garden because the sun will keep you warm, and then walk back in to find out you have outrageous tan lines like someone drew a treasure map all over you. I refuse to post any visual evidence. But I will show you a picture of our lazy cat, probably mimicking me this past week.


I’m in the process of adjusting my lifestyle patterns – food, training, sleep, etc. – so I haven’t been too creative in the kitchen lately. I made some Paleo green tea thumbprint cookies  yesterday and consumed all of them within a couple of hours. I also made this Paleo berry chocolate tart, which is very similar to the Naughty Night Chocolate Bacon tart I made, only with strawberries and blackberries. I think they’d be absolutely delicious covered in raspberries and blackberries only. I was sad to give the last tart to my housemates (who happily inhaled it), just like I get Post-Ice cream Depression (P.I.D) whenever the cone is empty. 



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