Rave: Nom Nom Paleo Cookbook and ‘How About We…?’

Okay, I didn’t want to talk about it because I was scared that I would jinx it (and I still don’t know if I should be putting these words out into the universe) but I’m about 11 days away from my first CrossFit competition at Femme Royale 2014. Ah! The best part about training for a partner competition is that it’s just plain fun, especially if your partner is as AWESOME as mine. Seriously, we just discovered that we might has well be sisters from different misters because we’re so alike. Scary. But enough with this talk.


Uh, I’m sure all you Paleo peeps have heard of Nom Nom Paleo, right? If you haven’t, you need to click on that link. Like right now. But make sure you come back to this one, of course. Anyway, I bought her cookbook last week and have been ogling over the beautiful designs and photography all day every day. It is SO worth the price for yummy tummy recipes and such a well put together cookbook. I feel like I need a husband/partner-in-crime now to help me make everything look better. 

Photo on 5-28-14 at 1.05 PM(Oh my God, the photo is backwards. And I’m only showing half my face because I had girly stuff on it. Truth.)

My housemate told me about this new “offline” dating website called ‘How About We…?’ where you post date suggestions and if someone likes the sound of it, you both go and do it! How fun, right? Naturally, I was so curious I had to sign up (also because my homies urged me to do it) because the worst that could happen is you both end up doing something fun and then never seeing each other again. If you think about it, it’s pretty ingenious because it totally weeds out all the glamour and popularity aspects of normal online dating: you know, if you don’t have shiny hair, pretty eyes and a 24″ waist, you’re not worthy. Would you be surprised to know if all my date suggestions involved doing a CF WOD first? Why? I figured if I torture and weaken my date beforehand, he’d be less inclined to murder me. Yes, this is why I went to school – to be a clever bunny.




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