Good ol’ Scottish Eggs

It’s been a busy weekend for me and I think I definitely RX’d my cheat meals. Since I’ve been out of action with my balloon-sized knee, which is taped up so dramatically as you can see, I have resorted to eating my way through my sorrows and boredom. Finally, after 3 years in the States, I ate decent Chinese food! Dim Sum at Din Tai Fung with some lady friends, absolute perfect Saturday brunch.

Newhall-20140628-00026 IMG-20140628-00022 IMG-20140628-00023

I also ended up taking a chocolatier class = CRAZY STRESSFUL BUT FUN. It’s organized chaos fun. We made mediants, lollies, bark and rochers. My thighs are probably going to be seriously offended while I work my way through the load.IMG-20140630-00027

On another note, I’m super excited this week to go back to Boston and visit my old gym. After living on the East Coast for 5 months through, what seemed like the most unbearably merciless of winters, I couldn’t believe how attached I had grown to it. The giant geese and their extremely proficient bowel movements, the snowed-in days of solitary confinement, the averted gazes and eluded customary social greetings. Ah, it’s definitely time to change gears. I’m even leaving my laptop (and thus, worries) behind so the next five days will be pure unicorn glitter and elf magic. 

Since I’m flying off to New England, I decided to make some Scottish eggs, because who doesn’t love a good Brit classic? 



1 cup arrowroot powder

1 cup almond meal

6 eggs (5 for the Scottish, 1 for the egg wash)

500g lean ground turkey (or beef/any kind of ground meat you like)

1 tablespoon french dijon mustard

1 teaspoon liquid smoke

1 tablespoon garlic powder

2 teaspoon onion powder

Fresh thyme

Salt and Pepper

Ghee, canola oil or other oil of choice (should be 1/4″ of oil covering the skillet)

Method of Madness:-

  1. In a big bowl, mix together ground turkey, mustard, liquid smoke, garlic powder, onion powder, thyme, salt and pepper. 
  2. Cover with plastic wrap and leave to marinade for 30 minutes to an hour. (Or if you’re super hangry, leave it aside while you make yo’ eggs.)
  3. In a medium sauce pot, make some perfectly hard-boiled eggs. 
  4. Once removed from the pot, sit the eggs in an ice bath for 5 minutes. Peel when ready.
  5. Place the arrowroot powder, almond meal and 1 beaten egg in three separate bowls respectively.
  6. Take the first boiled and peeled egg and roll in the arrowroot powder. Shake off excess.
  7. Take 1/5 of the ground turkey mixture in the palm of your hand and flatten. Wrap the dusted egg with meat evenly all around.
  8. Roll your meat-wrapped egg in arrowroot powder again and then finish in the almond meal. 
  9. Repeat with the rest of the eggs.
  10. In a skillet, heat oil of your choice (preferably canola or coconut) over medium heat.
  11. Place Scottish eggs in the skillet and keep turning with a pair of tongs ever 30 seconds to ensure even cooking.
  12. Cook until the eggs are golden brown.
  13. Remove and serve up with some Paleo mayo!

See you in a week!



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