The Games are starting!

Don’t you just hate it when you sign in to Facebook or WordPress and find the complete template has changed? I guess it serves me right because it has been almost a month since I’ve posted. Tsk tsk. I apologise profusely – I know I may not be the most popular blog in the world (probably because I’m not so consistent), but just know that I appreciate all you readers out there. It’s always great to know that people like what you do. :) Unicorn glitter and kitten hugs for all of you!

Where did we last leave off? My grand escape to Boston = fabulous. I mean, just the bee’s knees and toes. I stayed with my friend’s family in Gloucester, so a great getaway from the city and look at what we did!


This is the view from her house. Uh, that estuary you’re looking at – I kayaked through it. In the rain. In true “Notebook” fashion. Boston-20140703-00035Visited my old box and did a crazy WOD in the humid heat of Boston.


Whale watching! It’s true what they say about it – you get a good workout running like a maniac all over the boat.


Beautiful sunset



 Hiking at Ravenswood! And roof-less driving!


Visited the Taza chocolate factory and gobbled up some serious samples.

Other than that, I moved into my new apartment. Woohoo! Stupidly, I tried to move everything in one day. On my own. About three things I am sure of:-

  1. No one will offer to help you. No teenage boy doing bicep curls, no smoking trucker watching you, no hipster in skinny jeans.
  2. I would never have been able to move all my things by myself had I not begun CrossFit. AND it is not advisable to move boxes the day after a heavy deadlift and squat WOD.
  3. My entire life fits into the back of three Honda Fits.

It’s shocking, I know. But pleasantly comforting. Overall, the entire move took about a week (you know, just in case you couldn’t sleep without knowing). And in all honesty, I’ve been so depleted after the day, I haven’t felt like cooking anything fancy schmancy. Literally, it’s been haggardly chopped brussel sprouts in a pan with butchered chicken bits. Sometimes, I’m not sure if I’m eating raw veggies either, when overcome by surging, ravenous delirium. I suppose this doesn’t sound too good for someone running a cooking blog.

Good news! My brother is coming to visit in a week! And we’re going to Colorado! Hell yeah!

Anyway. That’s all I’ve got. Ta-da!


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