A quick yet slightly unapolegetic apology to the Universe

Granted, my last post was very clearly 8 months ago, though it definitely feels like I’m shaking off 8 years of blogging dust. Cutting straight to the centre of it, here are reasons for said blogging hiatus:-

– After the CrossFit games started, my brother came to visit me, we went to Colorado and I wanted to give up on life and move there, my brother left, life sucked, my friend introduced me to Undergrounds Coffeehouse – a volunteer-run, donation-based coffee shop, I learned how to be a barista and to love coffee, I became a barista, I went back home to Malaysia, I hated it, I came back here, I started school and now I’m here.

– I got discouraged by the lack of comments on my posts (which is kinda dumb) because I felt like the internet should make noise when acknowledging my existence. It didn’t.

– I realized baking Paleo desserts every week was getting me far too excited and WAY too heavy. Some weight gain sneaked up on me while I was busy baking 9 batches of oatmeal raisin cookies in attempts to perfect the recipe. Also, baking clean ain’t cheap, contrary to popular misinformed belief.

That pretty much sums it up.

Fast forward to 2015, when Jamie finally concedes defeat in her long standing resistance against social media and joins Instagram. She found out it’s a freaking amazing app and there are millions – MILLIONS – of other amateur cooks and foodies out there who love food as much as she does. So many late nights (a.k.a last night and every night) spent lit by the single glow of my iPad,¬†stalking talented people I didn’t know but envied greatly.

I forgot how meditative writing can be, and though this isn’t web therapy (but it is for me) and it isn’t a Girls episode but a blog about FOOD and FITNESS, I will resume sharing my findings and observations of the world to you, the world.

I’m also not 100% full on strict Paleo anymore – it turns out my body demands to be fed more carbs in the form of rice and the occasional donut! I eat a 90/10 diet, which allows me two decadent desserts of my choice each weekend. Basically, I learned how to eat what I want without eating everything else. I do try to stay gluten-free purely because my body has a riot if it consumes too much of it, but I’m not opposed to it. Cake is cake. And cake is goooooood.

Something I’ve been working on is not making empty promises to people or myself only to break them over and over again, then feel guilty as shit. The cards aren’t always in my hand. And you know, there’s this thing called ‘life’ that happens? So, rather than make some grand gesture of unmoving resolution stating that I will post a recipe every 3 days, I’m just simply going to do what I feel like.

Usually that involves cake, too.


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