Jamie T.401243_10152298368575573_715289473_n

I CrossFit, I geek out about all things food and delicious. I can’t be left in a place like William-Sonoma without wanting to scream and cry. I want a pet hedgehog. Who doesn’t? I like to belt out and do shoulder shimmies to Justin Timberlake in my car, which I realise is probably extremely dangerous and spectacular to witness at red lights. I’m the type of person who brings my water bottle to Starbucks. When I’m not doing artsy things, I’m doing artsy things with kids that I teach. Babies are my kryptonite.

75% of the students in my college are vegetarians; 80% would choose Gluten-Free; almost all say they would eat healthy if they could afford it. Well, you can. Everything In This Kitchen Sink is about wholesome, decently-priced food made for college cooks by a college cook. Most of the recipes are Paleo-friendly and pretty crazy delicious. Don’t believe me?

Try it.


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